1997 BMW M3 EuroSpec 321bhp

– 1998 BMW M3 EuroSpec 3.2 ( S50B32 ITB Engine ), 6 Speed Gearbox
– 105,000 kms
– Clean Car with no undercarriage rust.
– Beautiful Estoril Blue color
– Slickroof ( No Sunroof )
– M Rain cloth interior
– Oil change 5W40 Synthetic, New spark plugs, intake seals replaced, Rebuilt Vanos with rattle kit and S62 diaphragm spring upgrade, Valve clearance checked, Even compression in all cylinders, new rear trailing arm bushings, new knock sensors, new oxygen sensors, new crankcase ventilation hoses.


  • Fuel level sensor does not work – Needs fuel pump assembly replaced.
  • Needs new tires.
  • Needs suspension refresh.

Price : CAD 65,000 + HST.

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