Buyback Policy

Classic Car Buyback and Trade In Policy

We are constantly looking for new inventory and it is getting harder and harder to find clean vehicles for resale every year. Change is the only constant and as much as you want to keep your pride and joy, circumstances change, passions change. So what better way than to offer to buy back qualifying cars from our customers. As a seller of quality collectible cars, we are in a unique position to offer this policy to our customers.

We offer anywhere from 75% to 85% of the original sale price throughout the term of your ownership . We offer anywhere from 85 to 90% of the original sale price + HST toward a trade in for another vehicle in our inventory throughout the term of your ownership.

The buyback value will be finalized at the time of sale.

Requirements to qualify for buyback

  • Car must be qualified for buyback with a buyback certificate issued by EuroJDM Auto at the time of initial sale. Not all cars qualify for buyback.
  • Car should remain in similar condition with no additional paintwork, accidents, accident damage, dings, dents, irreversible modifications like roll-cage etc.
  • Car must not have been driven in the winter in salt and snow, as a regular use vehicle. We are ok with the occasional use on a dry April weekend. Car should not have additional rust.
  • Car must have been garaged throughout the ownership of the buyer.
  • The buyback only applies to the original purchaser. This cannot be transferred to a new buyer.
  • Car should have covered no more than 4,000 kms per year.
  • Cost of fixing any mechanical issues, fixing wear and tear (tires, brakes, dings, dents) will be deducted from the buyback value.
  • Atleast 6 months should have elapsed from the date of sale for a trade in or 1 year for a buyback.
  • Any transportation costs (to/from dealership) and service ontario transfer fees will be borne by the purchaser.

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