Shipping can be arranged either by RORO or Container to Europe, Asia


Shipping is arranged via,
fully insured for the value of the car. Expect delivery in 1-2 weeks. Buyers
can also arrange their own shipping.


USA buyers can either get the car shipped to their home or fly down and
drive home. Our nearest airport is Toronto International Airport (YYZ).

Buyers can also fly into Buffalo, NY. In this case, we will complete all
border import procedures, pay the import duties etc. See costs below.

USA – Shipping

Shipping to USA is arranged either via TFX International or other
carrier of your choice.
Buyers are welcome to arrange their own shipping.

Sample shipping cost from Canada to NJ (TFX Door to Door Enclosed)

USD 1700

Sample shipping cost from Canada to CA (TFX Door to Door Enclosed)

USD 2600

Sample shipping cost from Canada to TX (TFX Door to Door Enclosed)

USD 2100

USA – Driving

Buyers can also choose to drive their newly purchased vehicles back to
the USA. The border paperwork is a simple process ,
takes about a 30 mins to an hour to complete. 

USA – Registration

For registration in US states ( except CA ) ,
you will need 

– The Canadian Vehicle Ownership/Registration. – Provided by us

– Invoice / Bill of Sale. – Provided by us

– EPA form 3520-1 (Completed at the border by US Customs)

– DOT form HS-7 (Completed at the border by US Customs )

More import information

Customs Broker Fees (if you require us to clear the car for you )

USD 600

Duty 2.5% of Purchase price


Storage can be arranged for vehicles that are not ready to be imported
to your country of residence, for example, 25 years in the USA. We will store
the vehicle as long as necessary, and at your request,
we will drive it gently for upto a half hour every couple
of months – except winter months (Nov – Apr), when it will be winterized and
stored away. You are also welcome to take “your” car for a spin or to our local
tracks any time you wish ( Plates and Insurance
included ) ! There are 3 great tracks in the Toronto area and more if you are
willing to drive farther.

Storage Costs Per Month

Outdoor covered        CAD 60

Indoor Exclusive        CAD 250

Indoor Shared            CAD 200


Taxes for Canadian Residents (HST)

13% of Purchase Price

Taxes for Non Residents – Local Pickup (HST)

13% of Purchase Price

Taxes for Non Residents  – Shipped via carrier and delivered outside of Canada

 No Tax

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